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Low Back Pain
Neck Pain
Mid Back Pain
Conditions Needing Treatment
There are a variety of conditions that affect us in our daily routines either with pain or discomfort.

Listed to the right and below are just a few of the conditions that I treat.

For more information, please call (972) 854-2022 or contact me:
TMJ Pain or Jaw Misalignment
Shoulder Pain or Stiffness
Elbow Pain or Stiffness
Wrist/Hand Pain or Stiffness
Hip Pain or Stiffness
Knee Pain or Stiffness
Ankle/Foot Pain or Stiffness Plantar Fasciitis
    The conditions listed may stimulate from a disrupted nerve or chronically tight musculature that puts pressure on your joints or nerve tracts.  Inflammation may also be a causing factor, as in tendinitis or bursitis of any part of the body.  All of these may be helped through chiropractic care and/or muscular therapy.
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